A new leaf.

I am turning over a new leaf in my life.  I am changing my uniform.  I will replace my harmless, offend few, vacation souvineer, event recognizing, championship celebrating t-shirts.  I now want only conservative message t-shirts.  I want my message to be loud and clear to people who read.  I want all to know what I think, where I stand, and what I want for my country.  I want to offend as many literate liberals as I can every time I walk out my door.  I'm done being silent.  I just don't want to lose my voice being loud.

If you want to help my cause (or causes of  your own):  

I like M or L in any color you want.  

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MichiganWrights said...

I don't know if you could find it on a t-shirt, but one of my favorite bumper stickers read... "The New York Times, a little left of Lenin". Pam