On Anarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Republics

I've been meaning to post these videos for a very, very long time. There is a lot of content here. They are from a PBS special so the total time is about an hour. Please watch all of them even if it takes multiple visits to do so. This is one of those things I believe. Understanding these things will help you understand my posts going forward and my position on many issues.

On a side note. I used to think The JBS was a bunch of right-wing kooks. I must have become kooky because I don't think that anymore. I agree with them on many ideas.

If you don't think this is true as presented read The Road to Serfdom and The 5000 Year Leap.


What I Believe and why I believe it #1

I am going to start a new series of posts on what I believe (politically) and why I believe it.

First off, I am an Originalist, and I align myself with the Constitution Party (still called American Tax Reform Party in some places). Being an Originalist means I believe the Constitution as it was originally intended. I believe the men who wrote the document were inspired to create the government outlined in it. They understood that only by dividing the government and limiting the power each person/branch had could continued liberty be secured.

I do not agree with the argument: The Constitution is a living, breathing, document. The document is not meant to change over time. It is not dynamic. The Founders did not make "cultural provisions" for reasons they well understood. True freedom is not cultural. True freedom has the same principles at its core no matter when or where it is found. Diversion from these principles leads to lessened liberty. The Constitution says what it means, and means what it says; no modern interpretation/cultural reconciliation necessary.


Illegal immigration

I think I have figured out Obama's plan to deal with illegal immigration. He's going to drive this country so far into the ground that it will no longer be attractive to come here. Hey, he might even get some of the less-than-legal habitants to leave while he is at it. But if this is truly the case, then where does that leave the rest of us?


Being Self-Sufficient

A friend recently told me "The right to bear arms is self reliance at its core." Then my husband was good enough to send me this video. This is video from the mid-nineties, but I cannot find the actual date that this testimony was given.

Whether or not you like guns or own them, this is compelling. The right to own them is the right to protect yourself. If you take that right away then the only people who have guns are the criminals, and the law-abiding citizen is now just a victim.
If you still believe in gun control then go to JFPO.org.  This site is run by Jews for the protection of gun ownership.  They understand that gun control made genocide by the Nazis possible.  Gun ownership was taken away, and the Jews realized they were defenseless as they were led to the gas chambers.  Gun control is government control: it is not freedom.  Gun control prevents me from fighting back.  Criminals and controlling governments: I choose to not be a victim of either.


I couldn't believe my ears.

I don't normally get to listen to the radio except in my car.  Ever since we moved to California I have preferred conservative talk, at least in the morning.  We don't get radio in the house so I take my opportunity for good reception while I am in my car.  These days Glenn Beck is on in the morning and so he usually gets my attention.  I tuned into him just before he started this bit below.  I heard the whole bit before I got to my destination.  I need to tell you that my jaw was in my lap for most of the time I was listening.  I almost couldn't believe my ears.  Here's the real truth as told by Glenn Beck on Tuesday:

Glenn Beck: Capitalism based on selfishness?

May 5, 2009 - 3:00 ET

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GLENN:  From Radio City in Midtown Manhattan, hello, you sick twisted freak.  Welcome to the program.  I'm glad you're here.  Ashley is with us from Oklahoma and KTOK.  Hello, Ashley. 


GLENN:  What is ‑‑ where do you go to school, Ashley?   

CALLER:  It's a very conservative Christian university in Oklahoma. 

GLENN:  A very ‑‑ is it the one with the big praying hands?   


GLENN:  You don't want to say?  Okay.  It's a very conservative Christian school in Oklahoma.   

CALLER:  Yes.  It's a Baptist College. 

GLENN:  Got it, okay.  So what happened with you and your professor?   

CALLER:  Well, I'm in an ethics course, a biblical ethics course, and he put up a quote on the board about capitalism like having this derogatory meaning with it, and I said, well, what's wrong with capitalism?  And he said, capitalism's based on selfishness.  It's about getting as much as you can for yourself.  And I said, no ‑‑   

GLENN:  That's his perversion of it.  But go ahead. 

CALLER:  Yeah.  And I said, well, capitalism's based on hard work.  It's about getting reward for hard work.  And well, he told me, no, it's about making money off of other people; it's not about hard work.  It's about ‑‑                    

GLENN:  So what is his, what is his replacement for capitalism? 

CALLER:  Socialism.                     

GLENN:  Socialism? 

CALLER:  Yeah, he says that the Bible ‑‑                    

GLENN:  This is a Christian ‑‑ hang on.  This is a Christian ethics teacher? 

CALLER:  Yes.                     

GLENN:  Okay.  And he said what?  The Bible says what? 

CALLER:  He said the Bible supports socialism.                     

GLENN:  Where? 

CALLER:  Well, there's this scripture in Acts about ‑‑ that's always used about the early church sharing their possessions.                     

GLENN:  Yes. 

CALLER:  So I ‑‑  

GLENN:  The church did. 

CALLER:  ‑‑ wrote a paper on capitalism as a biblical basis.  So I turned that in.  I don't know if he will like it or not.                     

GLENN:  Look, here's the thing.  Tithing and the 10%, Moses, tithe 10%, right?  What did they try to do before tithing?  What did Moses actually come out with?  Do you know?  What was tithing?  Before it was 10%, what was it before that?  The law of? 

CALLER:  I'm not sure.                     

GLENN:  The law of? 

CALLER:  Oh, yeah, okay.                     

GLENN:  The law of consecration, which means you take all of your money and you give it to Moses.  You give all of your money to your church, 100% and then you take only that that you need, okay?  Moses couldn't make that work and so the law of consecration was too difficult for the people with the guy who parted the Red Sea and so they went down to a 10% tithing rule:  Give 10%, okay?  When Jesus was talking about ‑‑ when the apostles were talking about the early church where they shared everything, that's the law of consecration, and people have led lives of the law of consecration before and since.  People have lived it many times.  However, the secret is nowhere in the Bible does the ‑‑ do any of the apostles or Jesus say give all of your money to the government.  They gave it to their church, and the church, nowhere did the apostles say we're going to take it from members of the church.  They, keyword, shared everything they had.

Now, your professor can talk all he wants about how evil capitalism is, but ask your professor why Adam and Eve came down.  Why, what was the whole thing about with the snake and the apple?  What was that all about?   

CALLER:  Because they disobeyed God.         

GLENN:  Yeah, but what did that do?  If Adam and Eve could ‑‑ if Adam and Eve didn't have the apple, they wouldn't have been fruitful and multiplied.  Man would not be if it wasn't for that, okay?  So what did they do?  They ate the apple.  Their eyes were opened.  They saw the difference between good and evil, and the Lord drove them out of paradise and let them live this life where you've got to make choices and there's bad and there's good.  We are here to make choices.  You ask your professor, how am I supposed to be a good Christian, how am I supposed to better myself if all of my decisions are made for me by the state.  If I can only eat these things, if I can only do these things, if I can only have this much money, if I'm forced to share, how does anyone grow spiritually?  How do you become Gandhi if everything is decided for you?  If this was the plan of salvation, if this is the plan of heaven, if this is God's plan, why didn't he just go with Lucifer's plan of just, I'll bring every soul back to you, God; you give the glory to me.  I'll make sure.  I'm not going to give them any choice.  I'll bring everyone back.  Jesus said, no, no, no, no; go down, let them have free will, let them have choice.  But they are going to make so many mistakes, they are going to need a savior to come down and wash them clean.  Now, if God didn't care about choice, if God was just like, you know what, just force them to do these things, it seems to me he would have gone with Lucifer's plan and not the other plan.  Does that make sense to you? 

CALLER:  Yeah.  And I ‑‑ one of the things I told him is that when Jesus commands us to give, I think that in a socialist society when our money's taken away from us by taxes, that's not really Jesus' definition of giving.                      

GLENN:  No, did he say ‑‑ go quote the scripture to your professor.  Ask him, did Jesus say when a man asks for your shirt, you give the government your coat, also, and have the government give that coat to the man?  No.  The government is a middleman.  The government is acting in the role of Lucifer.  They are taking stuff from you.  They are forcing you ‑‑ yes, I did, I did just say, yes, the government is the devil.  They are taking your choices from you.  There is ‑‑ you ask your professor this.  I hope you're writing this stuff down and I want to hear the answers from this nut job of a professor.  You ask this ‑‑ you ask your professor this:  At what point ‑‑ now, jeez, I just lost it.  What were we talking about before that?  The government is the devil, I remember that. 

CALLER:  The government is Satan.                     

GLENN:  I remember that one clearly.  I can't remember the last one.  Yeah, you just, you just ask your professor where in the scriptures does it teach about a middleman.  It teaches you to go right directly to the source.  Where ‑‑ you ask your professor this:  On April 15th does he feel charitable. 

CALLER:  Right.                     

GLENN:  As charitable on April 15th as he does when he goes and visits a soup kitchen and works there, when he goes and visits sick people in the hospital, when he stops off the side of the highway to help somebody whose car is broken down?  Does he have that same warm confirming spirit with him on April 15th?  The answer is no.  Because the spirit wouldn't confirm April 15th.  It's taken from you.  Giving is about your heart.  Taxes don't engage your heart.  They engage another part that is down, usually kept in the wallet region.  Ashley, you ask him those questions.  You call us back, all right? 

CALLER:  Okay.  Thank you.                     

GLENN:  All right.  Thank you.  Jeez.  I mean, from a Christian:  Capitalism is evil.  Capitalism is freedom.  What we do with capitalism is evil sometimes.  Capitalism, capitalism is evil.  Really?  Tell that to Bill Gates, who has taken, what is it, a billion dollars and given it to cure malaria, given it to help people all over the world.  You tell Wal‑Mart that capitalism is evil as they are writing out the largest check of any corporation for charity on planet Earth, every year.  You tell them that capitalism is evil.  You tell they happen that capitalism is evil when you look at the Jon Huntsman cancer center.  Written by a capitalist.  The check written by a capitalist.  The funds taken from capitalism.  You do that.  You tell him that.  Capitalism is evil?  You tell me that capitalism is evil when you look at what Washington has built on the backs of capitalists.  If capitalism was evil, if capitalism didn't exist, we wouldn't have this country.  We wouldn't have what the government has because the government didn't create anything; it took it from us!  Show me the dollars that they have made themselves, except for recently because they're printing those off right now show me the things the government has built on its own, except for a war machine.  They haven't invented or built one thing.  They went to capitalists and entrepreneurs and said we need something that does this, and they built it.  Don't tell me that capitalism is evil.  Your choices can be evil or your choices can be good.  But in this country the individual choice is what mattered.  But we have so perverted God's will, God's law, we have so perverted what our founding fathers ‑‑ so let me ask you this, Mr. Professor:  Do you believe this country was founded on divine providence?  Do you believe that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Madison, Adams, do you believe those men were enlightened men?  I do.  Well, their crazy idea was to allow men to be free and free in their own business to allow them to be able to engage in capitalism.  I didn't think a bad tree could bear good fruit.  I didn't know a good tree could bear bad fruit or bad trees bear good fruit.  I didn't think that was possible.  I've read that some place in some big thick book.  You'd know better than I do because you're a professor, and the elite professors always have the right answer. 

Here is the original link:



"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have“--Gerald Ford (Presidential address to a joint session of Congress,12 August 1974) 

A religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation.” --Joseph Smith, Jr.  (Lectures on Faith, 1985, 69)

I heard the first quote recently and it reminded me of the second one.  One is talking about the power (ultimately) to take, and the other the power to ultimately give.  

I won't write a whole essay here today, but I will point out that if you believe the first one, then you believe the government has the power to take away your right to worship according to your own conscience.    I do want your thoughts (short or long) on this.

Thoughts on the tea party.

There will be another tea party. This time I think we'll take the kids.  It's July 4th in Colorado Springs or Monument. 

We had a great time at the Tax Day Tea Party in Denver.  I know, I said we were going to the Springs, but then DH had to travel and it just worked better to be at the one in Denver.  'Sides, I found a willing soul to watch my kids if I went to Denver.  She would have been not so giving if I had opted for the extra drive time to Springs.  

I was thoroughly disappointed with the news "coverage" except on Fox News, of course.  I can't believe what assumptions journalists and commentators have made about people who attended the tea parties.  If you want to know why I went: read on (and don't interrupt with your own agenda).

I went because I am an originalist.  I believe in the Constitution the way it was written and intended to govern by the men who wrote it.  I believe in it in it's original form.  I believe in small government and states' rights.  I believe that most things the Federal government is doing  (and has been doing for generations) is unconstitutional.  I'm a conservative and I believe in self-sufficiency.  I believe that the government should not be in the charity business.  I believe that you have the power to control your destiny.  If you need help then a charity has a much better plan for helping you to help yourself than the government could ever have.  I believe that elected officials are civil servants.  Service infers that this is work done for free.  I believe the government is too big, is meddling in too many things it has no business in, does more damage than good with unintended consequences of its actions, and has become too powerful (see the post above).  I'm done with government in the direction it is going.  I protested to exercise my 1st amendment right to tell my government what I think.  I want change.  I want smaller government.  I want them to know that I am willing to fight for what I believe.  I want change back to the original intent of the Constitution without revolution.  But, if  revolution is what it takes, then I'm in for that!


A new leaf.

I am turning over a new leaf in my life.  I am changing my uniform.  I will replace my harmless, offend few, vacation souvineer, event recognizing, championship celebrating t-shirts.  I now want only conservative message t-shirts.  I want my message to be loud and clear to people who read.  I want all to know what I think, where I stand, and what I want for my country.  I want to offend as many literate liberals as I can every time I walk out my door.  I'm done being silent.  I just don't want to lose my voice being loud.

If you want to help my cause (or causes of  your own):  

I like M or L in any color you want.  


Tea Party

I have been thinking for the last few weeks about the Boston Tea Party.  I want to get my government's attention.  I want them to know how I feel about their "leadership."  I want them to know that I am not afraid to rise up in revolt against them.  I want them to know that I am unafraid of a revolution to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

Yesterday, I heard about the "Chicago Tea Party" that was held in Cincinnati and was very excited about the idea.  Then I was sent this website by my great husband:  taxdayteaparty.com   Then went to their website and joined the Facebook Group.  And then I read that I could win free stuff if I blogged about it.  (I wasn't really thinking about blogging about it, but then I realized that I should be blogging about it because I am thinking about it so much and I am sooooo excited for this whole idea to take shape.)  So if you want to get free stuff too (and who wouldn't want free stuff)  go to this page: taxdayteaparty.com/contest.html and check out the stuff you can win over here at the store. (You can buy the way cool stuff at that site too.)

While you are at the main page take a moment to read the message and find out where your nearest Tax Day Tea Party will be held.  There are 2 within an hour of me.  There should be one close to you.  I think I will go, but maybe to the one in Springs  so its not so crowded!