"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have“--Gerald Ford (Presidential address to a joint session of Congress,12 August 1974) 

A religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation.” --Joseph Smith, Jr.  (Lectures on Faith, 1985, 69)

I heard the first quote recently and it reminded me of the second one.  One is talking about the power (ultimately) to take, and the other the power to ultimately give.  

I won't write a whole essay here today, but I will point out that if you believe the first one, then you believe the government has the power to take away your right to worship according to your own conscience.    I do want your thoughts (short or long) on this.

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Jenny said...

I've waited to comment to give me time to think of something more eloquent to say, but nothing came. Basically, I agree. And I like that juxtoposition.