Being Self-Sufficient

A friend recently told me "The right to bear arms is self reliance at its core." Then my husband was good enough to send me this video. This is video from the mid-nineties, but I cannot find the actual date that this testimony was given.

Whether or not you like guns or own them, this is compelling. The right to own them is the right to protect yourself. If you take that right away then the only people who have guns are the criminals, and the law-abiding citizen is now just a victim.
If you still believe in gun control then go to JFPO.org.  This site is run by Jews for the protection of gun ownership.  They understand that gun control made genocide by the Nazis possible.  Gun ownership was taken away, and the Jews realized they were defenseless as they were led to the gas chambers.  Gun control is government control: it is not freedom.  Gun control prevents me from fighting back.  Criminals and controlling governments: I choose to not be a victim of either.

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